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Peony's Envy
About Peony's Envy

Peony's Envy is a nursery and display garden in Bernardsville, New Jersey within easy access of New York City and Philadelphia. Peony's Envy offers one of the most extensive collections of tree, herbaceous and intersectional peonies in the Northeast.

Peony's Envy ships peonies nationwide from September through May; attends flower shows and horticultural events nationwide throughout the year; and opens its nursery and display garden to the public in New Jersey for the spring planting and bloom season and again in the fall for bare root sales.

The gardens are laid out over an 7-acre property with trails that meander throughout the peony collections. Four major types of peonies are highlighted in the garden: woodland, tree, herbaceous, and intersectional. Over 700 different cultivars planted in the garden, each of which will bloom for a period of 7-10 days over a six week bloom period. The bloom sequence opens with the woodland and tree peonies and is followed by the herbaceous and intersectional bloom. The largest array of color comes during the herbaceous peony bloom, which weather dependent, often corresponds with Memorial Day. Cool weather will prolong the bloom, hot weather and heavy rain will shorten the bloom.

See our catalog for the most recent peony selection and our events page for the current listing of shows and events that we travel to across the country.

Kathleen Gagan

Kathleen Gagan, owner of Peony's Envy, is a linguist and international corporate communications consultant turned lady farmer. After a successful life overseas, where she became fluent in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, Kathleen returned home to New Jersey to a life as an entrepreneur. She grows peonies because of their resilience, deer-resistance, and beauty. Kathleen has studied horticulture at the Barnes Foundation, and writes and lectures on peonies nationwide.


Owner of Peony's Envy
About Our Plants

Peony's Envy is dedicated to the cultivation of tree and herbaceous peonies. Our peonies are known to be some of the best on the market - in size, quality, and cultivar. Not only are our roots exceptional but each peony comes to you individually packaged in potting mix and beautifully labeled with all of the cultivar's information. Planted correctly these plants will last for generations; see our peony care page for more information on how to plant.

What to Expect in the Mail - Herbaceous Peonies
Our herbaceous peonies are root divisions containing three to five eyes, pink or white buds located on the stem or crown of the plant, and a substantial root sysptem. Whether planted spring or fall you can expect these roots to send up shoots the first summer. However, when planning a perennial garden remember the old saying, "first year roots, second year shoots, third year flowers". Herbaceous peonies should not be expected to bloom until the third year after planting.
  About Our Plants
What to Expect in the Mail - Intersectional Peonies
Our intersectional peonies contain three to five eyes, pink or white buds, located on the crown that will become next year's stems. Like herbacous peonies, intersectional peonies will take three years to become established and flower well.
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What to Expect in the Mail - Tree Peonies

We offer a variety of sizes and ages of tree peonies. The size and the type of root is noted on the product page. Please note that tree peonies are slow growing and will produce 1 to 6 inches of new growth each year, taking 3-4 years to produce full size flowers and up to 10 years to reach full height.


About Our Plants About Our Plants   About Our Plants
one branch grafted to a herbaceous root.
three to five branches grafted to a herbaceous root
one branch with its own tree peony root system

two to five branches on its own strong root system

Shipping Time

Plants are shipped in fall and spring when the plants are dormant. Fall shipments of tree and herbaceous peonies begin in late September, peak in October and continue into December. The exact timing of your shipment will depend on the dormancy of the plants you ordered, if you are expecting an order and have a question about timing please email

Spring shipments occur in March and early April as the ground thaws. Plants can not be shipped during other times of the year as they are in their growing phase and the green shoots too delicate to be sent through the mail. During shipping times plants are shipped as the plants are dug. Outside of the shipping times orders will be held until the next shipping window and will be sent at the appropriate planting time for your horticultural zone.

Peony's Envy does have herbaceous peonies for sale at the farm in Bernardsville, NJ for pickup in spring and fall. See our Contact Page for dates and details.

Shipping Information
Peony's Envy ships all plants Priority Mail through the US Postal Service. Our shipping prices are calculated based on how many plants we can fit in a standard box. There is a minimum charge of $16 for up to 6 herbacous peonies, 2 intersectionals, or 2 tree. Each additional plant over this amount is $2.66 per herbaceous, $8 per intersectional, or $8 per tree. All peonies come beautifully wrapped and individually tagged and bagged, and make beautiful gifts. If you are wanting a gift card included in the box please call for details or write the information you would like on your card in the comments section of your order.

Peony's Envy ships plants to all of the contiguous states and Alaska. Peony's grow well in zones 3-9. For more information on where peonies grow see our peony care page.

Peony's Envy charges state tax to those within our home state of New Jersey. Tax is computed using the shipping zip code.

Peony's Envy guarantees all plants to be in good health and in prime condition for growing at the time of delivery. Peony's Envy can not guarantee plants once they are out of our control, as the influence of planting conditions, weather, and care dominate the plants continued survival. Any issues at the time of delivery must be reported to Peony's Envy via email,, within five days of receipt of the plant. All plants come with instructions on planting. For detailed information on caring for your peonies, see our peony care page.

Refund Policy
If you are dissatisfied with the plant contact Peony's Envy within five days of delivery and return the plant for a replacement or refund of the purchase price. If you have questions on your peonies please feel free to contact us via email as we are happy to help you with any problems or concerns.

Privacy Policy
Peony's Envy respects the privacy of every person who shops with us. When you place an order online, all personal information you give Peony's Envy is kept private. We will not share or sell your name, address, or any other personal information you provide. For those who choose to receive our occasional e-mails, we do not share, rent, or sell e-mail address to outside companies or agencies.

Orders placed through our web site utilize SSL - secure socket layers - to protect credit card information so it cannot be read in transit. If you are not comfortable sending your credit card information online, feel free to contact us by email and we will be happy to call you back to take your order.

More Information
Peony's Envy is happy to answer any questions you may have. Please email us with any questions or concerns.

For answers to most frequently asked questions see our pages on garden planning, peony care, and herbaceous peony shape.

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Peony's Envy PO Box 114 - 34 Autumn Hill Drive Bernardsville, NJ 07924