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Thanks to all who joined us this season at the Gardens!
To those near and far we appreciate all you do for us. Thanks for your support.

Our Fall Catalog is Now Online! Time to order some of those outstanding cultivars you saw at the Gardens!


The Display Gardens were open for the 2017 peony bloom from May 1 - June 9, from 11-5 every day.
Extended Hours for Friday Night Picnics 5-7pm.
(Please check back as we update our dates for the 2018 season.)

Admission is $10 per person, regardless of age.
Please sign up for our email blasts for notifications on the status of the bloom.

Photographers, click here for more information.


We grow over 700 varieties of peonies in our Display Gardens. At any one time some of these cultivars will have already bloomed, others will be in peak, and still others will be in bud.

Here is where we are now: (Updated 6/5/17)
We are closing for the season this Friday (right after our last Friday Night Picnic).
Despite the rain the gardens still look beautiful. The cool temperatures have slowed the bloom and many of the late blooming cultivars are still opening. We've stopped shipping plants and cut flowers but we still have them available for sale at the Gardens.


The Nursery & Display Gardens are located at 34 Autumn Hill Drive in Bernardsville, New Jersey within easy access of New York City and Philadelphia, click here for detailed directions.

The display gardens are laid out over an 7-acre property with trails that meander throughout the peony collections. Four major types of peonies are highlighted in the garden: woodland, tree, herbaceous, and intersectional. Over 700 different cultivars planted in the garden, each of which will bloom for a period of 7-10 days over a six week bloom period that typically begins in late April and ends in early June. Click here for more information about the Gardens.

Admission to the display gardens in the spring is $10 per person.
Extended Hours for Friday Night Picnics 5-7pm, $10 per person. Bring your dinner & enjoy the bloom!
There are no picnics allowed during regular hours.


For those looking to pick up peony plants at the garden we recommend you come early in the season.

When planning your visit it is important to consider what is in bloom at the time you wish to come. The bloom sequence is: woodland / species / suffruticosa tree / gansu tree / herbaceous / intersectional. Typically the peak tree peony bloom is at the beginning of May (around Mother's Day) & the peak herbaceous peony bloom, the big show-stopper, is in late May into Early June (around Memorial Day).

Due to variations in weather we recommend you sign up for our Email Updates and like our Facebook Page to keep track of the bloom. Visit often, walk the paths, and watch the blooms unfold.

Click here to learn more about the Bloom Sequence.


You are welcome to stop by to purchase peonies,
but for those wishing to walk the display garden admission is $10 per person.

Please stay on the paths at all times, even when capturing the perfect photo makes you want to step off.

PETS: Due to the delicate nature of the flowers we ask that you leave your pets at home.

SMOKING: Peony's Envy is a smoke free facility.

- Remain on the paths at all times.
- No tripods or professional photography during regular business hours from 11-5pm.

  • Photography Hours: Amateur Photographers wishing to use tripods can book their tickets here. Tickets must be purchased in advance. $35 per person. Sundays and Mondays only, starting May 1 through June 5 from 7-9:30am. A great way to take advantage of the early morning light.

  • Anyone wishing to sell their work commercially is considered a Professional Photographer. Professional Photographers must book their reservation directly with Kathleen. Email Include your phone number, the number of people in your crew, and preferred dates. Pricing is $250 per 2 hour session. This includes up to 4 people, each additional person is $25. Photographers must provide a certificate of insurance.

  • Please contact for pricing of Commercial Shoots.

PICNICS: Join us for Friday Night Picnics 5-7pm every Friday during the bloom, $10 per person. Bring your dinner & enjoy the bloom! We ask that you not picnic during regular garden hours.

GARDEN CLUBS: The best time to come with larger groups is during the week when there are fewer people in the garden. Parking is limited so carpooling is recommended. Admission for garden clubs is the standard admission of $10 per person.

We look forward to seeing you!




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Peony's Envy PO Box 114 - 34 Autumn Hill Drive Bernardsville, NJ 07924